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Bread dream meaning

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Diyanet Rüya : Seeing bread in a dream interprets joyful. If one sees to find a loaf, two loaves or half loaf of bread, it means that he will get rid of his sorrows and troubles. However, if he sees to eat hot bread, it means that he will sustain sorrow or trouble. If he sees to find bread somewhere he doesn’t know and cannot eat although he wants to eat, it indicates the near end of his life. Barley bread in a dream signs rising prices, rye bread means decreasing of works. Also seeing to eat black bread in a dream represents facing many probles. Eating bread without a meal means a sickness or dying alone. If he sees to have a lot of bread but he does not eat, it signs that he will suffer from his relatives or damage them. Pita bread in a dream interprets shortness of man’s life. If he sees hanging a loaf of bread near him, it represents that he will get poor. If he sees to give someone bread, it signs the discount in this year. Seeing to walk around the bakery’s to find a loaf of bread is a sign of travel.

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